Immersion Thermocouples

Full immersion thermocouples designed and manufactured for fast response times.

We design and manufacture bespoke thermocouples for a diverse range of immersion applications.

Thermocouple temperature sensors can be ordered in a variety of different configurations including fixed stem probes for direct immersion or spring loaded sensors for use with a thermowell. Our thermocouples can be manufactured with a reduced tip for a fast response time.

Sensor termination options include ceramic terminal blocks, 4…20mA temperature transmitters, and local indicators, all of which can be housed in a local connection head or remote mounted in a junction box.

Thermocouple temperature assemblies can be approved ATEX Exia, ATEX Exd, and IECEx Exd for use in hazardous area environments.

Sensor Types Type E / Type J / Type K / Type N / Type T / Type R / Type S
Wiring Configurations Simplex / Duplex / Triplex
Sensor Class Class 1 / Class 2
Junction Grounded / Insulated
Termination Terminal Block / Transmitter / Indicator / Cable
Temperature Range -250°C – +1600°C
Approvals ATEX Exia / ATEX Exd / IECEx Exd