Immersion RTDs

Industry-leading RTDs designed for use in safe and hazardous areas.

We offer industry-leading immersion RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors) that can be ordered with a variety of configurations including fixed stem probes for direct immersion, or spring loaded sensors for use with a thermowell.

Our RTDs can be constructed from mineral insulated cable, or fabricated from tube. They are available with threaded, flanged, or hygienic process connections. We can manufacture RTDs with a reduced tip for fast response times. When measuring temperature in aggressive atmospheres a protective sheath such as FEP can be applied to wetted parts.

RTD temperature assemblies can be approved ATEX Exia, ATEX Exd and IECEx Exd for use within hazardous environments.

Sensor Types 2 Wire / 3 Wire / 4 Wire
Wiring Configurations Simplex / Duplex
Detectors Pt10 / Pt100 / Pt500 / Pt1000
Detector Class Class B / Class A / 1⁄3 DIN / 1⁄5 DIN / 1⁄10 DIN
Termination Terminal Block / Transmitter / Indicator / Cable
Temperature Range -200°C – +600°C
Approvals ATEX Exia / ATEX Exd / IECEx Exd