Air RTDs

Ready made, or bespoke air temperature sensors, designed for use in all environments.

We design and manufacture precise RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors) designed for air temperature measurement. Our temperature sensors can be fully customised to suit the most demanding applications.

We offer a number of surface mounting options including pipe clamps, strap on, weld on, bolt on, self adhesive, and magnetic, as well as a variety of sensor termination options including ceramic terminal blocks, 4…20mA temperature transmitters, and local indicators; this can all be housed locally in a connection head or remote mounted in a junction box.

RTD temperature assemblies can be approved ATEX Exia, ATEX Exd and IECEx Exd for use within hazardous environments.

Sensor Types 2 Wire / 3 Wire / 4 Wire
Wiring Configurations Simplex / Duplex
Detectors Pt10 / Pt100 / Pt130 / Pt500 / Pt1000
Detector Class Class B / Class A / 1⁄3 DIN / 1⁄5 DIN / 1⁄10 DIN
Termination Terminal Block / Transmitter / Indicator
Temperature Range -200°C – +600°C
Approvals ATEX Exia / ATEX Exd / IECEx Exd