Bimetallic Thermometers

We can provide you with accurate bimetallic thermometers available with a range of standards’ compliance.

We supply a precision range of bimetallic thermometers. Ideal for industrial applications they are available with EN13190 or ASME B40.200 compliance.

Bimetallic thermometers use a bimetallic strip in the stem to accurately convert temperature change into mechanical displacement.

Connection Any Angle / Back / Lower
Dial Size 100mm / 125mm / 160mm
Case Material 304 Stainless Steel / 316 Stainless Steel
Window Standard Instrument Glass / Shatterproof Glass / Acrylic
IP Rating IP66
Stem Material 316L Stainless Steel
Stem Diameter 6mm / 6.4mm / 8mm / 9.6mm
Stem Length 63mm–1500mm
Accuracy Class 1 / EN13190 / Grade A / ASME B40.200
Options External Zero Adjustment / Silicone Filled / Dual Scale / Stainless Steel Tag / Calibration