Miniature Heaters

H&B Sensors manufacture bespoke Miniature Heaters to exact customer requirements. Miniature Heaters are manufactured with either Ø1.5mm Nickel or Inconel® sheaths and are suitable for use up to +900°C.

Miniature Heaters are used widely in industrial, laboratory and aerospace applications and are designed to withstand very high levels of vibration.

Constant Wattage Heaters

H&B Sensors manufacture constant wattage heaters that are designed to operate at a fixed wattage with watt densities of up to 20W/cm and temperatures of up to 900°C. The Miniature Heaters have a Ø1.5mm sheath diameter and are flexible enough...

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Self Regulating Heaters

H&B Sensors manufacture self-regulating heaters that are designed to prevent the heater from overheating during changes in flow or process conditions. Designed primarily for operation under icing conditions, as the heater temperature increases so does its resistance thereby reducing the...

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