Privacy Statement | H&B Sensors Ltd.

Website Analytics

When you visit we use two third-party services (Google and LinkedIn) to track your visit. This data includes your location, your timezone, and information such as how long you spend on a page, and your journey through the site. We use this data to monitor and improve the quality of the service we are providing. This data is recorded and stored indefinitely by Google and LinkedIn, however it is recorded anonymously, and is not associated with any individual.

Location Tracking

When you visit we use a third-party service (MaxMind) to identify your approximate geographic location using your IP address. We do this so that we can recommend an appropriate regional reseller. We do not track your location more accurately than the country in which you are accessing our site from. Your location is not recorded—meaning that the data is destroyed as soon as you close your browser—and is not associated with any individual.

H&B Newsletter

If you (optionally) subscribe to our newsletter, we will record your email address in order to send you marketing emails. In addition we will record your IP address, and the date & time you signed up, for the purposes of verifying your consent. This data is collected and stored by a third-party (MailChimp). MailChimp will store your IP address, and the date & time you sign up indefinitely, in order to maintain a record of your consent; you can remove your email address at any time using the unsubscribe link provided in each email you receive.

Support Chat

If you (optionally) use our chat feature, your IP address, and the time of our conversation will be collected and stored by a third part (Intercom). This data is stored for less than a year, to provide business services to you, and to monitor the quality of our service.

Contacting H&B

If you contact us by telephone, email, or any other method, we may record the details you provide for the purposes of conducting business. Any personal data disclosed by you will be stored in a GDPR-compliant manner. Your data will be kept strictly confidential by our staff, unless we are required by law to disclose it in order to comply with a legal process. Your data can be destroyed at your request; we may retain business records in order to comply with government regulations.