Thermocouple Handle Sensor with Cable & Flying Leads

Product ID: TCS575

The TCS575 is a general purpose immersion style thermocouple sensor with a handle, cable and flying leads. This stainless steel penetration probe features a 100mm long nylon handle.

The TCS575 temperature sensor is available as a type E, type J, type K, type N or type T thermocouple in simplex, duplex or triplex configuration. The probe can specified with either an isolated, grounded or exposed sensor junction.

The temperature probe is manufactured from class 1 mineral insulated cable and is available with either PTFE, PFA or fibreglass cable and is terminated with tails.

Through our special build department this thermocouple temperature sensor can be customised to suit your exact requirements including the addition of a connector or a pointed tip, call our experts on +44 (0)1243 866 866 for a no-obligation consultation about a bespoke solution.

Thermocouple Handle Sensor with Cable & Flying Leads
Thermocouple SensorType E • Type J • Type K • Type N • Type T
Sensor ConfigurationSimplex • Duplex • Triplex
Sensor JunctionIsolated • Grounded • Exposed
Probe Material310 Stainless Steel • 316 Stainless Steel • Alloy 600
CablePTFE/PFA • PTFE/PFA SSOB • PVC • Fibreglass • Fibreglass SSOB

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