RTD Sensor with Digital Indicator

Product ID: RTD390

The RTD390 is an immersion style RTD sensor which incorporates a 6 digit battery powered LCD display and features dual relay trips and data logging functionality. This digital indicator is the modern day version of the bimetallic thermometer.

This digital indicator has a minimum battery life of 1 year and the 3.6V lithium battery is easily replaced as and when required.

The simplex 3 wire Pt100 temperature sensor is available with either a class 1/10 DIN, 1/5 DIN, 1/3 DIN, class A or class B detector.

This RTD assembly has a stainless steel casing which can be ordered in either side or back orientation and when specified with the optional relays has an M16 x 1.5 cable entry.

The advanced display allows the user to display custom messages (1 to 32 characters) linked to either the temperature measurement and/or relay switches. The two volt-free changeover relay switches operate independently and can be configured to operate at normally open or normally closed at a set temperature point.

The RTD390 indicator incorporates a powerful data logging function which can store up to 5000 points, all of which are date and time stamped together with the temperature and relay state. This data can then be downloaded as a text file for export to other applications.

The RTD390 temperature sensor has an available temperature range between -196°C and +650°C.

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RTD Sensor with Digital Indicator
RTD SensorPt100
Sensor ConfigurationSimplex
Sensor Wiring3 Wire
Sensor ClassClass B • Class A • 1/3 DIN • 1/5 DIN • 1/10 DIN
CaseStainless Steel
SupplyBattery Powered
Design TemperatureLow (-196°C to +100°C) • Standard (-50°C to +250°C) • High (-50°C to +650°C)

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