RTD Oil-Tight Bearing Sensor

Product ID: RTD580

The RTD580 is an immersion style RTD bearing temperature sensor with transition barrier, cable and flying leads used to measure the temperature of bearings which is a key indicator for oil film and bearing health monitoring. The transition barrier (oil seal) solves a common problem in industrial machinery and is a completely oil-tight solution that prevents oil leakage.

This leak-proof temperature sensor prevents oil migration from the sensor tip into the housing which happens due to the pressure of the oil inside the machine and capillary function which allows oil to migrate up the inside of the cable cores.

The RTD580 temperature sensor is available as a 2, 3 or 4 wire Pt100 or Pt1000 in either simplex or duplex configuration. The accuracy class can be selected from 1/10 DIN, 1/5 DIN, 1/3 DIN, class A or class B.

The temperature probe is available with either PTFE, PFA or fibreglass cable and is terminated with tails and is available with a pressure test certificate to verify the leak-proof design. The RTD580 has an available temperature range between -30°C and +250°C.

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RTD Oil-Tight Bearing Sensor
RTD SensorPt100 • Pt1000
Sensor ConfigurationSimplex • Duplex
Sensor Wiring2 Wire • 3 Wire • 4 Wire
Sensor ClassClass B • Class A • 1/3 DIN • 1/5 DIN • 1/10 DIN
CablePTFE/PFA (Screened) • PTFE/PFA SSOB • PVC (Screened) • Fibreglass • Fibreglass SSOB
Design TemperatureStandard (-30°C to +250°C)

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