Self-Regulating Heaters

Self-regulating heaters designed for the aerospace and laboratory industries.

We manufacture self-regulating heaters—designed primarily for use under icing conditions—that maintain a constant temperature by reducing resistance as the heater temperature increases, thereby reducing power draw.

The self-regulating heaters have a 1.5mm sheath diameter, and are flexible enough to be formed into virtually any shape, whilst still providing consistant thermal output over the entire length.

Manufactured with virtually non-hygroscopic materials, the heaters are hermetically sealed, with a choice of terminations to suit most applications.

Thanks to their reliability, and low susceptibility to vibration, H&B self regulating heaters are widely valued in the aerospace, and laboratory industries.

Construction Inconel / Nickel
Sheath Diameter 1.5mm
Insulation Resistance Max. 500Vdc
Termination Flying Leads/ Solid Pins