H&B Sensors manufacture a wide range of instrumentation and associated products including Temperature Sensors, Thermowells and Level Float Switches. Follow the pipeline to discover more about H&B Sensors and our capabilities.


Quality and Performance

H&B Sensors has a commitment to manufacture and supply high quality products that are reliable, efficient, and environmentally sustainable. Through constant development and investment in our ISO 9001:2008 approved management system, we strive to realise these goals on a daily basis.

Human investment and organisational policy ensures a sense of teamwork and a high level of integrity. This in turn leads to increased performance and high levels of workmanship.

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Customer Service

H&B Sensors is dedicated to providing an outstanding level of customer service from the initial enquiry and quotation, through manufacture to delivery and beyond. H&B Sensors is able to offer a tailored customer service experience in line with specific customer needs and requirements.

Our primary focus is to ensure complete client satisfaction within our range of products and services in order to achieve long lasting customer relationships, built on a foundation of trust and confidence.

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Products for Industry

At H&B Sensors we don't just manufacture products, we provide solutions for Temperature, Level and Pressure measurement applications. H&B Sensors understands that one size doesn't fit all and that every application and process requires a unique engineering approach, in order to provide the accurate results required from todays demanding global industries.

Our wealth of experience, industry knowledge and understanding of applications and processes allows us to design, manufacture and deliver high quality, reliable and technically capable customer focused products.

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